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Empowering dogs and humans to live their best lives together.

Oregon Tails is a dog ranch managed by a team with over 34 years of combined experience. With the ability to handle dogs of all behavior types, all ages and breeds, Oregon Tails has created a unique experience for dogs that is safe, effective and full of on-leash and off-leash skills building, socialization, running, swimming, hiking and play.

Our Philosophy

At the center of Oregon Tails philosophy, is the fact that we look at each dog, no matter what their size or demeanor, the same—as a Being. Starting at this fundamental level and coupled with an abundance of patience, timing and understanding, our team is able to help dogs thrive.

It is our belief and has been our experience, that when you start communication from the level of Being, your skill in action will be true, clear and most powerful.


A Different Kind of Relationship

While 'ownership' is a common term used to describe the dynamic between humans and dogs, we believe in companionship. Together, humans and dogs formed a bond unlike any other, through a common will to help each other survive and navigate through this life.

We believe that we are the X-factor, as our dogs guides and companions, it is our responsibility to help them grow, to learn, to enjoy, and thrive in our care. 


Workshops & 1-on-1 Handling 

Develop a toolkit that you can use to better communicate with your companion. Our method focuses on energy, body language, and trust—so it's applicable to all types of dogs in any circumstance. 


Room to Roam

We're proud to craft our own slip leads so that you can take your training home with you. Or, if you just want to show your love for dogs and support what we do, grab a soft & comfy T-shirt. Dog-approved.   


Dedicated Pack Leaders

Our Pack is made up of a team of highly trained and skilled humans who have dedicated their lives to the care of dogs. Dog Pack members join us weekly to step outside their comfort zone and learn how to make the most of their life, on and off the Dog Ranch. 


Weekly Adventures

Give your canine companion the opportunity to learn, grow, and play with a diverse group of dogs and skilled human Leaders on our dedicated acre ranch. Pack membership opens the door to a more confident, harmonious and off-leash experience each week.

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