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Oregon Tails


Oregon Tails utilizes the freedom of a natural environment with balanced structure, skill-building, and socialized play to help canine companions reach their full potential.

Rooted in a blend of horsemanship etiquette and thorough understanding of the way dogs naturally communicate and perceive the world around them, our method focuses on the human factor — how can we, humans, become competent and present guides for our canine companions? Our weekly Pack member Adventures are a beacon for the impact of this approach.

To help humans and their dogs achieve this harmony, we offer hands-on, progressive workshops in Oregon and beyond.



Student of the Dog is a 3-day, 9-hour workshop progression that we offer year-round.

This workshop is designed to help humans and their canine companions of all breeds and skill-levels lay a solid foundation for clear communication, increased trust, and a balanced life.

Spectators are also welcome at all of our workshops. No RSVP necessary.

Please click below to learn more about workshops and upcoming dates.


Our Tools

After many years of discovery, experimentation, and dedicated practice, we are happy to finally have the opportunity to share our tools with you and the dogs in your life. Their creation has been a labor of love, designed to help Beings continue to learn, grow, and enjoy a shared life together.


The Jentle Method: Leadwork

Written and published by our team, “The Jentle Method: Leadwork” fosters deeper understanding within the method and inspire future growth through continued practice.


the jentle method Lead

Fundamental to the Jentle Method™ practice, this tool is custom designed by our team and handmade in small, quality batches here in Portland, Oregon.

This tool comes in XS/S and M/L.



Our Adventures Pack members are at the heart of the Oregon Tails philosophy.

Three times per week, guide our dedicated canine Pack members through skill-building and confidence-instilling activities.

The result is a balanced and calm state of being that fosters a life of enjoyment for both humans and their dog.

To learn more about our services or to join the Pack member waitlist, click the button below.


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If you have specific questions about your companion’s behavior, handling techniques or other concerns, we strongly recommend you join us at workshop so we can offer you the best in-person guidance.

If you have questions about our Adventures services, we encourage you to sign-up on the waitlist. You will then receive the most up-to-date and complete information about Pack membership.

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