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Thank you for a great 2019 workshop season!

2020 workshop dates will be posted & registration will open on january 1, 2020

This workshop includes nine hours of total instruction over a three-day progression. Each day of the workshop is slightly different than the day before, depending on the comfort and trust between you and your canine companion.


After each daily session, we urge all participants to take what they learned each day as homework and practice before the following day begins. We want you to get the most out of the three days as possible. The more effort you put in, the more questions you may have, the more answers and success you will find. 

Just like a student learning something new in school, no dog, or human is expected to "get it" right away. We're all about progress and small wins—success will come on the back of much repetition, failure and guidance towards the goal from the Oregon Tails team. 


During this workshop, participants will learn the Jentle Method™, created by Oregon Tails and used daily by our team to guide and teach the Oregon Tails Pack. Our methods is based on our understanding of how dogs communicate, move through the world, relieve tension, anxiety, fear and aggression. How they build a solid bond,  trust, balanced energy, acceptance and understanding of and within other Beings and environments.

You'll discover quickly that, while you are handling the dog, you will also be learning alongside him or her.

Throughout our time together, handlers will be strongly encouraged to exhibit patience, maintain calm energy, and manage realistic expectations for progress with your canine companion.

All exercises covered during the workshop are on-Lead and will progressively increase in difficulty as comfort and trust is seen in both the handler and in the dog.

Ideally, we will move your dog through each exercise with a nose band ( also known as a 'figure 8') which we'll provide for all students at the start of the workshop. If a particular dog or handler is not comfortable with a nose band, we will begin with a simple "slip lead" until comfort and trust is gained.

The use of a nose band is ideal as it allows for better control and "feel" of the dog. This will help garner ease and clarify communication through the exercises; however, its use not necessary for success in our method. 



As part of our workshop, each participant will receive a set of our custom tools—the Jentle Method™ Lead and the comprehensive book, "The Jentle Method: Leadwork”, created specifically for those who have taken the opportunity to learn from us first-hand.

You can learn more about these tools here.


Each day of the workshop, we will begin at 9:00am and end at 12:00pm. 


Workshops takes place in Scappoose, Oregon; about a 30 minute drive from downtown Portland.


The cost of this workshop is $600 total. The fee will be collected upon your registration.



If you will be traveling for the workshop and are not able to bring your own canine companion with you, that’s completely acceptable. We have accommodated for this in the past. Please email us at if you would like help finding a dog to work with, or will need a dog provided for you to participate in the workshop.


We welcome the public to audit our workshop, and for participants to invite family or friends. Auditors may attend at $25 per human. RSVP to spectate here.


If you wish to cancel your reservation, you must notify us via email at two weeks prior to the start date of your workshop. Your will be refunded your payment, less a $200 cancelation fee. Please include your full name and workshop dates in the email.

Cancellation requests with less than two weeks of notice before the workshop start date will not be refunded. Please email us if there are special circumstances such as a medical emergency.