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We believe in a natural approach.


Managed by a team with over 34 years of combined experience, Oregon Tails has created a unique experience for dogs that is safe, effective and full of on-leash and off-leash skills building, socialization, running, swimming, hiking and play.

At the center of Oregon Tails philosophy, is the fact that we look at each dog, no matter what their size or demeanor, the same—as a Being. Starting at this fundamental level and coupled with an abundance of patience, timing and understanding, our team is able to help dogs thrive.


In our experience, when you start communication from the level of Being, your skill in action will be true, clear and most powerful.

While 'ownership' is a common term used to describe the dynamic between humans and dogs, we believe in companionship. Together, humans and dogs formed a bond unlike any other, through a common will to help each other survive and navigate through this life. We believe that we are the X-factor, as our dogs guides and companions, it is our responsibility to help them grow, to learn, to enjoy, and thrive in our care.


Equine Influence

Horses have helped kings conquer, countries be founded, nations be born and cities be built. The equine world has had an immense amount of etiquette built into it over the last few thousand years. Etiquette surrounding these animals was developed due to the fact that, at majestic 1000 pounds, they can be extremely dangerous when natural instincts kick in or if miscommunicated with. Creating structure, boundaries and guidelines for these massive creatures have allowed humans to work in harmony with these beings throughout history. 

As dogs move into our our homes, communities, and societies at rates never seen before, knowledge or better yet, etiquette, we feel will play a big role in the success and enjoyment of hopefully the majority of those dogs and their human companions. 

The etiquette and structure found within horsemanship, has had an immense influence on how we at Oregon Tails work with our Pack and teach others to work with their dog(s) to overcome or achieve any and all behaviors. 


We look at each dog, no matter what their breed, size or demeanor, the same—as a Being.

- Jonathan czinder, FOUNDER