Daily adventures for your dog.

Oregon Tails is a dog walking adventure service. We provide the extra care, exercise and attention your dog needs. We specialize in off-leash dog adventures and passionately go the extra mile to reinforce training and instill better social behavior which works your dogs tail as well as their mind.

Come play with us!
We pick up,hike trails,and have fun!

A fun, healthy routine

The river hikeOur rain or shine, daily, off-leash adventures to the river or our private land consist of pick up and drop off at your home or work, lots of running, playing, swimming and "drills" such as sit, stay, come, leave it etc. While you are at work, out of town or tending to your daily activities your dog will be gaining a solid foundation of happiness, contentment, well rounded social behavior and skills that will enable them to listen better and be well behaved within your household, around friends and at the dog park. If you want the most well rounded care for your dog you have found it. We guarantee you will notice a positive change in your dog within the first month of joining the Oregon Tails Pack!

About Jonathan and Oregon Tails

Co Owner, Jonathan Czinder
Since the ripe old age of two, Alpha of the Oregon Tails Pack Jonathan Czinder cannot remember a time when he was not surrounded by dogs. Coming from Iowa and having been raised in a canine loving family, Jonathan had the pleasure of growing up with and observing many different breeds. This allowed him to learn not only that he had a knack and passion for training and working with dogs of every kind but, that he wanted to turn that passion into a full time job.

The core vision and goal was to provide a service that mimics a dogs natural environment, off-leash, open outdoors, socializing and pack mentality. Jonathan, not having a canine companion himself, treats the Pack members as if they were his own. By dedicating himself full time to them each week, it allows him to continually help each dog grow both within the OT's Pack as well as your pack at home. To Jonathan, Oregon Tails is not work, it is a passion, hobby, educational experience and joy to work with you and your canine companion alike.

Whether Oregon Tails sounds right for you and your dog or not, here are a few things to consider when looking for a service to care for your dog:

What type of play area do they offer?
If the facility is indoors then your dog could be learning "bad" behaviors such as going to the bathroom inside, playing and being rambunctious indoors, which could lead to the same behavior indoors at home. Depending on the size of the facility your dog may not get a lot of exercise because some dogs do not like to wrestle or play with toys, they may like to run, sniff and wander.

What type of behaviors do they allow?
Behaviors such as barking, big-dogging, aggressive behavior, body checking, toy obsessing, herding and jumping on people are not behaviors you want to cultivate, these are all signs of your dogs imbalance.

What type of experience do the owners and operators have working with and caring for dogs?
You want to find a service that has individuals who have a long standing track record working with and or training dogs. This will guarantee that your dog will receive the care and attention it needs and deserves.

Does the service offer physical and mental exertion?
Dogs are extremely intelligent animals. They have evolved with humans over the course of thousands of years, hence the saying, dogs are mans best friend. Their evolution has enabled them to read peoples body language and emotions and it is this evolution that has given them jobs within the medical field, law enforcement and natural disaster relief. You want to find a dog service that provides an environment that not only physically exerts your dog but you want to find a service that stimulates and exerts them mentally as well.

Adventure rates

Mon - Fri:$55 per day
Mon, Wed & Fri:$60 per day
Tue & Thur:$65 per day
Pet Sitting*:$100 per day

* Dog sitting includes a morning/evening walk & feeding, plus a mid-day adventure. Overnight stay at your home is an option. Pack members get a 50% discount.

Contact us

To arrange your pup’s next adventure, simply email us to set-up an appointment. We'll come to your home to meet you and your dog(s), get detailed information about their care and temperment, and pick up a key if needed.


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We realize most of you have to work while the dogs are out having all the fun, so always post daily updates of our adventures on the sites below!

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