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Student of the dog


Spectate the Workshop


Spectating is a valuable and low-cost, low-commitment alternative to participating in our Student of the Dog workshop.

While you won’t receive the same benefit as working with your dog, auditing is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to the Oregon Tails method, learn the pillars of a strong relationship with your companion, and ask questions of our Lead Handlers.

Review the details below.


Reserving your spot online is OPTIONAL. Anyone is welcome to drop-in and pay the fee at the door.

$25 daily   |   3 days of instruction  |   9am-12pm 



The method we'll apply throughout this workshop is founded on the way dogs inherently understand the world around them and communicate with each other. You'll discover quickly that the humans are learning just as much as the dogs.

Throughout the workshop, handlers will be strongly encouraged to exhibit patience, maintain calm energy, and manage realistic expectations for progress with their canine companions.

All exercises covered during the workshop are on-leash and will progressively increase in difficulty as comfort and trust is seen in both the handler and in the dog.

Ideally, we will move dogs through each exercise with a nose band ( also known as a 'figure 8'). If a particular dog or handler is not comfortable with a nose band, we will begin with a simple "slip lead" until comfort and trust is gained.

The use of a nose band is ideal as it allows for better control and "feel" of each dog. This will help garner ease and clarify communication through the exercises; however, its use not necessary for success in our method. 


Each day of the workshop, we will begin at 9:00am and end at 12:00pm.

To minimize distractions for workshop participants, please arrive a few minutes early to find your seat and settle in before the workshop begins.  


Please note that video or audio recording of any kind is not permitted during the workshop.

This helps us ensure a safe learning environment for our workshop participants.


In the summer months, workshops takes place on our Dog Ranch in Scappoose, Oregon — about 35 minutes from downtown Portland.


Spectating costs $25 per day. We accept payment upon arrival using cash or through our Venmo account.


If you would like to cancel your RSVP, click the cancelation link at the bottom of your reservation email.


We do permit spectators to bring their canine companions; however, we do ask that all dogs remain on leash while on the property.

If you are making the decision to bring your companion to the workshop, you should feel confident that you are able to manage him or her in a stimulating environment. We also ask that you ensure your companion is not a distraction to workshop participants or other spectators.

What to bring

We encourage you to bring food and water for the day, as well as anything you’ll need to be comfortable sitting outside for the entirety of the workshop.

Spectators have often brought blankets or chairs for seating, hats and sunscreen for sun protection, and layers for extra warmth.