#Adventuredog Bowl

#Adventuredog Bowl


Waterproof and 100% Natural Food & Water Bowl.

This waxed cotton water and food bowl weighs under 2 oz and rolls for easy traveling. Each bowl holds  just over 32 oz of water or food and will last through all your adventures.

Lack of seams prevent leakage over time, and the leather brand tag doubles as a functional loop for attaching to a pack, belt, or the Belmont Food Bag.

We’ve partnered with Belmont Blanket to develop a set for the urban adventurer and dog companion. These three #adventuredog products integrate 100% natural, waterproof, quality heritage fabrics from Scotland and have been tested for nearly 6 months in the toughest (and best) dog lab we could find. With a flooded market of dog products made overseas with unnatural materials, our goal is to offer handmade, heritage quality products built right here in Portland, Oregon.

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