#Adventuredog Bed Roll

#Adventuredog Bed Roll


A waterproof pad for the urban and outdoor dog.

Want to offer a quality sleep or sit pad for your dog in any scenario? Simply roll it up and take it with you on your day hike, backpacking trip, or to the coffee shop for a work session.

The core fabric is imported from an 1800’s family-owned mill in Scotland that produces waxed cotton fabrics for luxury brands such as Barbour UK and Filson USA. This product is guaranteed to last and can be recharged with a bar of natural wax included with each set. 

At a finished size of approximately 36" x 28" and a weight of 8 oz, the pad is triple stitched with industrial thread around the edges. The quilted X pattern offers a rich look with improve durability. 

We’ve partnered with Belmont Blanket to develop a set for the urban adventurer and dog companion. These three #adventuredog products integrate 100% natural, waterproof, quality heritage fabrics from Scotland and have been tested for nearly 6 months in the toughest (and best) dog lab we could find. With a flooded market of dog products made overseas with unnatural materials, our goal is to offer handmade, heritage quality products built right here in Portland, Oregon

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