#Adventuredog Food Bag

#Adventuredog Food Bag


Prepare your pup for the road.

Made from 100% waxed cotton imported from Scotland, this is the ultimate roll-top food storage bag for your canine. Bring it along on those long travels together, or prepare to drop off your buddy for some time away.

The bag holds approximately 15 days of dry food and is naturally waterproof, so moisture won’t reach the food inside.

We’ve also incorporated a stainless steel G hook that, like the rest of our Belmont products, are manufactured in Portland, Oregon. 

We’ve partnered with Belmont Blanket to develop a set for the urban adventurer and dog companion. These three #adventuredog products integrate 100% natural, waterproof, quality heritage fabrics from Scotland and have been tested for nearly 6 months in the toughest (and best) dog lab we could find. With a flooded market of dog products made overseas with unnatural materials, our goal is to offer handmade, heritage quality products built right here in Portland, Oregon

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