Welcome, Pack Members!

joining the pack?

If you’re just joining the pack, welcome! Please click on the buttons below to complete your Information Form and Membership Agreement before your first day of pack.

You can download and view a copy of the agreement here: Membership Agreement


Absences & Closures


Please note the following closures and their make-up days. 
If there are no make-up days, you will not be charged for our services during the closure dates.

Winter Break | Friday, December 21st - Wednesday, January 2nd
No Make-up Days


did you miss a day?

If you don’t hear from us once you’ve submitted the form, your make-up day has been accepted. If we are full on the day you requested, we’ll email you within 24 hours to notify you and choose a different make-up day.


Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Please be sure to arrive within the timeframe indicated. To maintain our schedule, we aren't able to wait for Pack members who arrive after 9am. 


1 N Fremont St
Portland, OR 97227

8am - 9am
Drop-off  5:10-6pm

Please DO NOT park in the Instrument or church parking lots. 


Boarding Requests


8am - 6pm

Our goal with our boarding service is to offer our Pack members an alternative to kennels or doggie hotels where their interaction with other dogs or the world may be a bit cloistered or chaotic. We live, breathe, enjoy and guide your Pack member in country air each week and want that experience to continue while you are away. 

When your Pack member stays with us, they are able to continue their normal Pack schedule each week while also getting extra time around our Pack leaders and other Pack members. Whether we are posted up at the Ranch, headed to the coast, camping or a BBQ, they join us and are given and guided with the same amount of attention as a normal Pack day.

After boarding, you will receive a payment request via Oregon Tails through Square Cash. The total is according to the rates listed above.

Please also note that we do not accept 1/2 days. Thank you for your understanding!

A typical day when your dog stays with us includes

  • Morning and evening walks, 30+ min each

  • 3+ hours of exercise, including hiking, running, playing, swimming, and drills at the Ranch or on an adventure

  • Your Pack member may potentially be handled by one of our Pack leaders during a workshop at the time of their stay

  • 2+ hrs of idle time outside or low-energy play

  • All dogs sleep in our homes. Kennels or quarantine is only necessary if we have a new Pack member staying with us and have not yet taught them the ropes and proper social and energetic state to exude.

  • We will feed according to your instructions, give medications when advised, and adhere to rehabilitation or activity level restrictions

  • Regular photos and updates


Your Feedback


Pack members are extremely important to us—we want to offer you and your companions the best experience possible. Please feel free to use these tools to express your thoughts or communicate concerns.     


Follow Along

See what your dogs are up to during Pack Days! Click below to view an up-to-date photo stream.