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One-on-One Handling

While group workshops are an extremely valuable tool for learning, some dogs may require more personalized attention in an intimate and learning environment free from distraction. 

Your dog may benefit from one-on-one handling if he or she exhibits the following behaviors (to name a few): 

  • Aggression towards humans or dogs
  • Signs of stress such as whining, barking, shaking or chewing
  • Bolting or unwillingness to listen off-leash
  • Pulling on-leash
  • Consistent timid or awkward social displays (e.g. showing shackles, tail-tucking, cowering or ignoring cues from other dogs to "leave me alone") 



Please note that sessions may only be scheduled two weeks in advance. 



Our 1-on-1 handling sessions will include the same on-leash exercises as our workshop students and Pack members; however, our progression speed and strategies will be specific to you and your canine's current abilities and comfort level. Handling will progressively increase in difficulty as comfort and trust is seen in both you and your dog..

Ideally, we will complete each exercise with a nose band (also known as a 'figure 8') leash, which we will provide for you. If you or your dog is not comfortable with a nose band, we will move to a simple "slip lead" until comfort and trust is gained.

The use of a nose band adds a layer of control and "feel" which helps garner ease through the exercises. It's similar to the way we use halters when riding horses. While the nose band is ideal and something we always work to incorporate, it is not a necessity in our method and using a "slip lead" in its place won't hinder progress.



Consistency necessary for improvement and growth, and we expect all students to take lessons home with them for continued practice.

We, as humans, are our dog's only guide in this life. While they will be learning how to take direction from us, we must remember that we are also learning how to give direction. 

Patience, neutral energy, and humility are key aspects of our practice as handlers and guides.   

Cost and Payment

Handling sessions are $160 hourly and each session lasts roughly 1 - 1.5 hrs. 

We will send an invoice after each session is complete.


Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel or re-schedule your session(s), you can do so at anytime. Just notify us via email at to reschedule. 


All sessions will take place at our Dog Ranch in Scappoose, Oregon. You can find us on Google Maps or by using our address is below:

52200 E. Honeyman Rd.
Scappoose, OR 97056