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Student of the PACK


Learn from the Pack


Over the years we welcomed very few individuals to come observe our day. We have kept it very close to home—just us and the dogs, working, enjoying, and growing together. 

The Student of the Pack program, comes from our teams desire to open our doors and share what is closest to us, our Pack and how we move through life with them.


Participants will have the opportunity to gather insight into our daily operations, including but not limited to:

  • The Relationship that we, as handlers, have with each dog in our pack, including the depth of each individual relationship and the relationship with the pack as a whole.

  • How we, as handlers, hold our energy and demeanor throughout the entirety of our day and through varying situations as a dog's guide.

  • How we manage the stages of development (including time and application of techniques) of different dogs; whether the dog be new or more seasoned.

  • How we help dogs with timidness, anxiety, reactivity, numbness, immaturity, heaviness, as well as overly-sensitive dogs.

  • How we communicate with our Pack Members, both audibly and with energy, so as to not rely on the use of treats, physical touch, corrections, or dominance.

  • How we teach the dogs and reinforce new behaviors and skills; what it means to follow-through with what we are asking, and maintaining boundaries for each dog (such as “leave it”, and “come”).

  • Our specific ways to apply praise, gain or reinforce eye contact, and teach/maintain personal space (to name a few) in order to better connect with and communicate with the pack.

  • The Jentle Method; how we apply it, when we apply it, and the changes we look for in dogs once applied with them.

  • On-leash & off-leash work; our formula for moving and guiding a pack of 20+ dogs both in structured hiking, free play, or socializing; what behaviors we allow the dogs to engage in; what interactions with the environment or other Pack Members we allow and how we manage these allowances.

  • Our application of a structured run with the pack off-leash; how we organize and manage the run and the dogs' state of mind and Being; what we look for within Pack Members, and how we communicate with and guide them.

  • Our insights into dog behavior, psychology, socialization, and play.

  • Our understanding of, and the importance of neutral energy, including what it looks like, what it means, and how we use our energy and movement to bring a dog to a neutral state.

  • The spectrum of different energy levels that dogs may possess; their understanding of when to relax and when to play based on the guidance, boundaries and consistencies we have practiced.

  • How we guide the pack as a whole and manage individuals when there is a new stimuli in the environment (such as a participant in this program joining us).

  • How we manage our time throughout the day, including the amount of time we spend on any one task, such as Lead work, free play, and transitions.

  • What we look for when the dogs are transitioning and moving from one task to another, such as moving from the van to an enclosure, an enclosure to the run, from hiking to free play, crossing thresholds, etc.

  • How we begin our day with each dog; checking in with their state of Being and energy to gather information in order to best guide them.

  • How we organize transportation from the city to the Dog Ranch, situate individuals and maintain neutral energy; how we handle the dogs around their humans at pick-up and drop-offs; and the dynamic of the environment and our relationships.



Prospective participants, please complete the form above to apply for a Student of the Pack position and number of days you wish to attend. From there, our team will reach out to learn more about each other and provide more information for formal registration, acceptance and more detailed information about the program.


8am - 6pm

Student of the Pack will begin and end at our pick-up and drop-off location in NE Portland.

The bulk of the program will take place at the Dog Ranch in Scappoose, Oregon as participants shadow the Pack Leaders throughout a typical day at Oregon Tails.

Please note that participants will need to arrange for their own transportation to and from the Dog Ranch.



The cost of this program is $600 per day, with programs spanning from 1-2 days long. The fee will be collected after you have applied and been accepted to the program.


This experience is designed to compliment our Student of the Dog workshop, or stand alone; however, participating in both will offer the most well-rounded experience for those wanting to dive into our philosophy and learn more about The Jentle Method.

Register for a Student of the Dog Workshop here.


If you wish to cancel your reservation, you must notify us via email at two weeks prior to the start date of your workshop. Your will be refunded your payment, less a $200 cancelation fee. Please include your full name and workshop dates in the email.

Cancellation requests with less than two weeks of notice before the workshop start date will not be refunded. Please email us if there are special circumstances such as a medical emergency.