Oregon Tails is an organization that combines the freedom of a natural environment with carefully constructed skill-building, guidance and attention to help dogs reach their full potential. Our methodology is founded on the idea that humans can use energy, touch, sound and play to help dogs build confidence and stronger bonds. 

For a visual idea of what working for us looks like, connect with us on instagram.  


Communicating with dogs is a lot like communicating with humans—they express emotions through 

Oregon Tail Pack Leaders have a unique opportunity to learn about themselves through working with emotionally intelligent animals. How do you express yourself under pressure? What are your leadership strengths? What kind of energy are you putting out in the world? We think working with a pack of dogs is a good way to find out.


We're looking for a Pack Leader to join our team. 

Do you have a deep reservoir of patience, calmness and motivation?Do you love dogs—and we mean, really love dogs? Are you passionate about communication and willing work when things get wet, muddy, cold or chaotic? If your answer is "YES," we just might be a good match!

To put it simply, dogs come first in our lives. We're extremely passionate about what we do. This isn't your average doggy daycare and it's more than a romp in the woods. We use a holistic approach to training and leadership in order to help dogs of all breeds and circumstances enjoy their life to the fullest.



  • Are interested in a long-term position at Oregon Tails
  • Show up on-time, prepared to work in a dynamic environment
  • Don't mind working outside and getting dirty or wet
  • Has a clean driving record
  • Turns challenges into learning opportunities
  • Aren't afraid to call themselves a beginner and ask questions
  • Can maintain a calm demeanor through chaotic moments
  • Will communicate professionally with clients and team members
  • Have a strong desire to grow both personally as a human companion and professionally as a dog handler
  • Have experience with dogs, or has their own canine companion



Pack Leaders work between 15-30 hours a week and should be available to work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at our Dog Ranch located in Scappoose, Oregon.

Hours, level of responsibility and wage will be dependent upon experience, fit and skill level.