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Balanced Structure & Play


We know giving your dog the attention, guidance and learning opportunities he or she deserves is difficult for many people. We're here to help. Our highly skilled and experienced Pack Leaders are dedicated to helping your dog reach their full potential—whether that be building social awareness, developing improved communication skills, breaking negative habits or learning to bound while maintaining boundaries. Dogs of every breed and size are welcome at Oregon Tails. We think this diversity is part of what makes our Pack successful and unique.

Pack members days consist of skills building and socialization In fenced pastures, as well as hiking in Packs that are carefully curated based on the dog’s energy levels and needs. 

Throughout our day, the Oregon Tails team builds and reinforces skills with each dog such as recall or “come”, sit, down, “leave-it”,  balanced play / socialization to ensure the highest standards of safety and an overall sense of purpose and contentment. 


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Two or three days per week, humans drop their Pack members off in the morning and pick them up in the evening at our “bus stop” location in NE Portland. We have a one-hour drop-off and pick-up window.




Our goal is to help your dog progress and learn through feel, touch, energy and play. We balance adventure and activities with structure to foster cognitive and physical health.




Pack members build skills and socialize in fenced pastures, as well as hiking in Packs that are carefully curated based on the dog’s energy levels and needs.




We let dogs be dogs, which means they can get filthy during the day. We rinse each Pack members and use professional grade blow-dryers to bring them home clean and dry.

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Become A Member

Monday - Thursday
$65 per day
8am - 6pm

In order to maintain high standards for personalized attention and care, we keep our Pack at a manageable number of dogs. Currently, Oregon Tails is at capacity but we encourage you to click below to fill out an application for the waitlist.

Turnover is rare and we ask for folks' understanding that dogs may remain on the waitlist anywhere from six months to one year before a spot becomes available.


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