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Meet Negus.

Negus means “King” in Ethiopian. This was the name his previous human companion gave him, and Negus did come to us as a chaotic and ruthless King roughly 10 months ago. 

Since then, he's transformed into a canine companion who exudes behaviors most people look for—in both a dog and a King, such as respect, gratitude, the ability to listen, learn, enjoy offer joy to others. 

With us, he's learned how to do everything from walking on leash smoothly to feeling comfortable alone to socialize, play, and communicate. You name it, he needed support in it. As a result, he's balanced and accepted by humans and canines alike.  

In the time we have known and worked with Negus, we've watched him grow tremendously; and we know he will thrive even more when he finds a human or family he can call himself a part of. 


The Facts

Breed American Staffordshire Terrier
Age 3
Weight 45lbs
Health Excellent, with some skin sensitivity
Eyes Brown
Current Diet Raw mix + Dry kibble
Color Red
Energy He can be as mature as a 10-yr old when asked, or as rambunctious a 1-yr old during play. He can scale his energy to accommodate puppies to adult dogs, and he's as fit as can be.


where he shines

  • Walks loose on-leash

  • Responds to leave it, sit, down, potty, and come

  • Traveling in vehicles

  • “Play” with most every dog.

  • Low level E-Collar.

  • Swimming.

  • Good with kids, indifferent about cats

what he can work on

  • Occasional fear of loud noises

  • Communication (will "tell a dog off" if they're acting too spazzy or pushy)

  • Picture-taking

  • Fetch